About Me

I am 13 years old and I code, play the guitar (my whole family does), and make YTPs. I have a pet rabbit named Cupcake who is very cute, but he keeps on chewing up the carpet and sometimes tries to chew on the cords for the guitar and stuff.


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My phone number is 911.


Trump Quote

"Hillary Clinton doesn't have the strength or stamina to be president. Jeb Bush is a low energy individual, but Hillary is not much better!"

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Leet speak version:

H1ll@ry Cl1nt0n d035n't h@v3 th3 5tr3ngth 0r 5t@m1n@ t0 b3 pr351d3nt. J3b Bu5h 15 @ l0w 3n3rgy 1nd1v1du@l, but H1ll@ry 15 n0t much b3tt3r!

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